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    About GZASS

    Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences (GZASS) was established in July 1981, replacing Guangzhou Institute of Social Sciences.Its present name has been in use since August 1989. In July 2003, the former Guangzhou Institute of Economics and former Guangzhou Economic and Social Development Research Center were integrated into GZASS.

    GZASS,as the only comprehensive academic organization of Guangzhou in the fields of philosophy and social sciences,is now made up of 14 research institutes,4 administrative offices and 2 affiliated institutions. In addition, it also has two key research bases and nine research centers for philosophy and social sciences.

    At present, GZASS has about 165 staff members, of which 80 of them hold senior professional titles including 24 researchers and 56 associate researchers, and 44 research personnel hold doctoral degrees. 8 experts enjoy the special national allowance granted by the State Council of China, 3 people are entitled Outstanding Experts of Guangzhou, 1 person is hailed as the Outstanding Scientist of Guangzhou in Philosophy and Social Sciences, 10 people are Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Social Science Workers, 3 people are advisory experts of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, 5 people are advisory experts of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government ,16 people are advisory experts for major administrative decisions of Guangzhou and 1 legal consultant of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government.

    In the past three decades, GZASS has been demonstrating its commitments: understanding the world, inheritance of civilization, innovation of theories, and providing policy consultation, and social service. Its main attention has been focused on the research and solution of major theoretical issues and practical problems, while taking Guangzhou-oriented studies and serving Guangzhou as its basic tasks, so as to build GZASS into the “think tank” of Guangzhou municipal committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Guangzhou municipal government and to make positive contributions to promoting Guangzhou’s economic and social science development. 

    To look into the future, GZASS aims to become a “new creative strategic think tank” in accordance with Guangzhou’s position as a national central city in China. It will make efforts to upgrade its core competitiveness, and positively push forward disciplinary construction through system innovation, innovative projects, discipline brand building, talent teams and expanding academic exchanges at home and abroad, so as to fully exert the important functions of philosophy and social sciences, and build GZASS into an important base for popularizing and developing philosophy and social sciences. (By Dec. 2015)

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