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GZASS Successfully Held A Show of Major Study Achievements in 2019


On the morning of December 13, 2019, the show of major research achievements of GZASS in 2019 was held in the academic report hall of GZASS, where 14 major study achievements were released. The meeting was presided over by Xu Peng, member of the leading Party’s group and vice president of GZASS, with President Zhang Yueguo delivering a concluding speech and members of the leading Party’s group and cadres and staff of GZASS present. And this meeting was covered by central, provincial and municipal media such as Xinhua News Agency, China Social Sciences News, China News Agency, Guangdong TV Station, Guangzhou TV Station, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, and Information Times.

In the conclusion of the meeting, President Zhang Yueguo fully affirmed the study work of the 14 major projects of GZASS in 2019, believing that the overall quality of the achievements had made significant improvement, and the subjects, contents, methods, conclusions and other aspects had characteristics and highlights, with the study focusing on the major issues concerning the urban development of Guangzhou. Besides, he held that these achievements focused on injecting fresh vigor into the old city of Guangzhou and bringing “four innovations and brilliances”, making in-depth studies and bold exploration, combining comprehensive and systematic studies with special studies in different fields, and further improving its subject selection, process management, and demonstration and analysis and striving to put forward new answers, new summaries and new views, so as to serve decision-making and provide reference for public policies.


Summary of achievements

1. Accelerating the Efforts to Build the Industrial System for Guangzhou to Move towards A Global City: Trend Analysis and Strategic Path

Guangzhou should implement strong industrial policies to drive the growth of new economy and new driving force, work to enhance innovation potential, and strengthen basic research and the efforts to tackle key problems in core technologies. Besides, it should increase support headquarters economy, innovation leader and unicorn enterprises, promote the building of a number of strategic hub platforms, further improve industrial financial policies, play the role of high-end investment as a driver, and strengthen the security of factors such as talents, land and information.

2. Study of Foreign Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation of Guangzhou Oriented to the Belt and Road Initiative

Guangzhou should stick to the focus on people-to-people bond to carry out foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation oriented to the Belt and Road Initiative through “Going Global and Bringing in” channel, with cultural heritage, cultural creation, cultural tourism, and the exchanges and cooperation in literary and artistic creation as the central part.

3. Study of Development Level of Public Services in Guangzhou

Guangzhou should make clear of the development trend of public services and give regard to the development status of various fields of public services amid the orientation to social public demand and the commitment to public interest, so as to provide better public services in Guangzhou in the building of public service standardization system and the mechanism for the supply of public services, non-governmental participation, and targeted supply of public services.

4. Study of Urban Development and Management of Guangzhou in 1920s and 30s

The dominant position of economic goals and government performance and the absence of public participation and effective supervision mechanism represented the main problem with the urban development and management in Guangzhou in the 1920s and 1930s, which remains of important practical significance to the urban development and management practice in Guangzhou.

5. Strategic Study of Improvement in Comprehensive Urban Function of Guangzhou

As one of the central cities in China, Guangzhou can only lead regional development, participate in international competition, and truly become a comprehensive city if it has some control power and voices in the agglomeration and diffusion of high-end development factors nationwide or even worldwide.

6. Study of Space-time Efficiency of Factor Resource Allocation in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

The spatial distribution of factor resources in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is featured by both polarization and spillover effects: the economic vitality and total amount of factor resources in the east coast exceeds those in the west coast, and there exists clear differentiation of internal economic vitality and factor resources within the Greater Bay Area. As new changes in economic spatial pattern in the area are on the way, however, in the future, it is of great significance to the improvement in the efficiency of factor resource allocation in the Greater Bay Area to enhance the driving power of the east coast to the west coast and core cities.

7. Study of Population Service Management amid the Commitment to Building Guangzhou into An International Metropolis

Guangzhou should immediately carry forward the reform of population service management system. One way is to establish “Guangzhou Population Service Administration” to optimize the public services of childbearing policy, attract young population at childbearing age, and adjust the population structure of Guangzhou. Besides, it also makes sense to introduce social integration policies, give full play to the role of social productivity, solve the “semi urbanization” of population, and ensure the stability of population resources.

8. Strategic Study on Strengthening the Business Function of Guangzhou as An International Metropolis

In the future, Guangzhou should be committed to diversification and integration, strive to enhance its advantages while shoring up weak links, promote the coordinated development of functions of international business center such as consumption, trade, exhibition, passenger flow and logistics, and build itself into a comprehensive international business center with strong global influence.

9. Study of the Efforts to Speed up the Establishment of Long-term Mechanism for Sound Development of Real Estate Market in Guangzhou

Guangzhou should maintain the continuity and stability of regulation policies for real estate, keep committed to the demand side management of real estate, actively explore the classified and area-specific measures, optimize the development environment of the real estate market, conduct properly monitoring and early warning of the market, and strive to ensure its stable and sound development.

10. Study of Guangzhou’s Efforts to Build Regional Private Equity Transaction Market amid the Deepening of Financial Cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Guangzhou should take advantage of the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to promote the convenience of private equity fund raising, investment and exit, and carry forward the development of regional private equity transaction market with focus on the six aspects—“subject expansion, platform building, project incubation, regional cooperation, talent gathering and risk prevention”.

11. Study on Evaluation of High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Guangzhou

Guangzhou should strive to expand the scale of manufacturing industry and improve the efficiency of enterprises to increase the economic benefits of manufacturing industry, further optimize the industrial structure of manufacturing industry, strengthen independent innovation and breakthroughs in key core technologies, make better use of foreign capital, facilitate the “going global” of manufacturing industry, and comprehensively promote the opening-up of the industry.

12. Study of Guangzhou’s Commitment to Building up the Brand of International Metropolis

Guangzhou should carry forward the cause into the future, study the promotion of the brand image of Guangzhou as an international metropolis in the new era based on the already mature city image, and highlight what the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is all about with the communication of city brand, so as to build a model of high-quality development and lead the international image building of the Greater Bay Area.

13. Global Technological Development Trend and Guangzhou’s choice

Boasting excellent comprehensive strength and high-level development, Guangzhou is well positioned to lay out major technologies, take more advantage of opening-up, carry out the first trial in many fields, and further promote innovation-driven development. The absence of medium- and long-term strategic planning of technological development, however, restricts the major technological development and breakthrough of Guangzhou. Therefore, it is difficult for Guangzhou to lead the future development with current technological advantages.

14. Study of Risks to Social Stability in Guangzhou in the New Situation

As the early warning of risks to social stability represents a challenging/daunting and significant task at the moment, enhancing the management and control of the risks to social stability in Guangzhou as one of central cities in China and an important city in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area, is of great significance to the commitment to building Guangzhou into “the safest and most stable city”.


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