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He Jiang, Director of Institute of Modern Market Studies of GZASS Was Invited to Attend the 42nd News Conference on Epidemic Control in Guangzhou


He Jiang, director of Institute of Modern Market Studies of GZASS, was invited to attend the 42nd News Conference on Epidemic Control (special topic of “consumption law-ruling publicity” on International Consumer Rights Day) held by the Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on March 15, and made a keynote speech and comment themed “To Optimize Consumption Law-ruling Environment for Sound Development of Guangzhou as An International Consumption Center”. He Jiang noted that to promote the sound development of the international consumption center is part of what it takes for Guangzhou to build an international metropolis in the new era, and to become an international consumption center, it is necessary to create a good legal environment for consumption. He directed that in the future, Guangzhou should stick to the optimization of the law-ruling enablers as the central task so as to make full efforts to create a secure consumption environment, amid the sustained commitment to putting well in place the standard system for consumer goods, building the credit system in the field of consumption, improving the mechanism for consumers’ right defense, bringing full-fledged post-consumption evaluation system, and building a common governance mechanism for consumption with multiple players. Finally, he Jiang believed that after the outbreak, the previously suppressed consumption will be fast unleashed and with the continuous improvement of the law-ruling environment for consumption, the sound development of Guangzhou as an international consumption center will move towards higher standards.

(Contributed by: Institute of Modern Market Studies)

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