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Yin Tao, Vice President of GZASS, Was Invited to Attend the 45th News Conference on Epidemic Control in Guangzhou

On the morning of March 18, the 45th news conference on epidemic control was held in Guangzhou, at which Yin Tao introduced the survey of the impact of the covid-19 epidemic on the cultural industry in Guangzhou by GZASS, and interpreted the “12 Measures” in three aspects. First, it has undergone full survey and demonstration. The document drafting authority has conducted extensive survey of cultural and tourism enterprises in Guangzhou, fully absorbed the results of questionnaire on such enterprises conducted by GZASS in the early stage, make clear of the impact of the epidemic on the operation of enterprises, listened to the demands of enterprises adequately, and proposed practical and targeted supporting measures that have been comprehensively evaluated and scientifically demonstrated. 

Second, there are many policy-related highlights. The “12 Measures” systematically cover areas such as financial fund support, financial support, park support, literary and art boutique creation, cultural consumption, publicity and promotion and business environment and other aspects, with focus on tourism, film, exhibition and other industries seriously affected by the epidemic, supporting small-, medium-sized micro cultural tourism enterprises hit hard, grasping the development opportunities of 5G, 4K/8K, etc. to foster new industrial technology and new business form, manifesting the city’s cultural enthusiasm by supporting mortar-and-brick bookstores, and optimizing the reform measures for business environment by promoting the “network accessibility” cultural examination and approval, strengthening legal services, and supporting the development of cultural industry organizations, etc. 

Third, the policy is introduced at a convenient time. The “12 Measures” that came at the peak of cultural and tourism enterprises’ effort to restore operation in Guangzhou will lift the enterprises out of difficulties in a timely manner and promote the sound development of cultural and tourism industry.


(Contributed by: Institute of Industrial Economics and Business Management Studies)

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